The Pianist’s Dream – Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano

steinway model b 02

The Steinway Model B Grand piano has been often referred to as the perfect piano. It is the ideal amalgamation of power, sound production, size and broad application of use. This great grand piano was a direct and improved descendant of the Monitor grand piano.

This piano was first made known in 1878, and ever since then, it has enjoyed widespread patronage and usage.

Users have been known to commend the piano’s particularly sensitive touch and natural tone which have endeared it to the hearts of known artists for home practice, recordings, recital halls, and concert performances.

This piano features a remarkably large soundboard area and a dynamic bass sound section. Its compact nature makes it favorable to all who are particular about spaces especially in their homes, yet want the best.

Measuring 6’11” (211cm) in length and 58″ (148cm) in width, it weighs a total of 760 pounds (345kg). It also features a four-solid spruce brace to boost the tensile strength and at the same time cutting down its overall weight.

The distinct features of the Model B also include its cast iron treble bell underneath the rim which keeps the plate secured using a steel bolt. Its tuning pins are made from premium blued steel and are rust resistant because of its heads which are made of nickel.

steinway model b 01

Its pedals a relatively heavy and are forged from solid brass while its dampers are horizontal-cut premium wool. These are fitted with maple heads to withstand prolonged usage.

The hammers are specially prepared to withstand moisture and attack from insects over time. To achieve this, premium wool is used both for the top and bottom felt. Both the hammers and the shanks are hard rock forged. Its keys are designed and crafted with finesse and special considerations.

They are stain-resistant and at the same time slip-proof, enhancing firm strokes. Also, there is a vent system which ensures there is no trapped moisture or humidity within. This is achieved with the use of both horizontal and vertical planks of birch. It is fitted with extensive maple dowel ends that anchor adjustable brass screws. The screws are touch-regulating.

steinway model b 04

There are twelve high tensile whole treble strings made of the best of Swedish steel, while the bass though made of Swedish steel core have copper windings to enhance bass quality notes.

To ensure the permanent anchoring of the strings on the soundboard, handcrafted ribs are part of the features of this excellent grand piano. These ribs are made from resinous sugar pine and are certified long lasting.

The Model B’s key bed is designed to maximize the movement of the keys during heavy playing. This nullifies all sound interferences especially key ‘slapping.’ 

Its entire body is made of fine wood with a charismatic texture which intensifies its luminosity.

In all, the marriage of the visual beauty of the Steinway Model B Grand Piano and the distinct quality of its musical notes is a wonderful feat that has stood the test of time and has remained quite challenging to beat.