Steinway D-274 serial no 451728 – the instrument with extraordinary history

steinway 451782

The fact that nine out of every ten grand pianos used in concerts all over the world are Steinway pianos says a lot about this leading brand of musical instrument. Great and notable pianists over time have been noted to favor the Steinway pianos which have a reputation of the finest ever piano craftsmanship in the world.

Steinway D-274 is one of the flagship models of the Steinway & Sons piano company which was founded by Henry E. Steinway. Henry built his very first grand piano in 1836. Over the years, he made improvements on the piano in a passionate bid to maintain quality; the Steinway Company participated in the 1876 centennial exposition held in Pennsylvania.

The “Centennial grand”

They won the gold medal, and the Steinway piano became known as the “Centennial grand”. All of Steinway’s model D grand pianos took their origin from this peculiar Centennial grand piano.

However, the modern-day Steinway D-274 was first produced in 1884 by improving some of the pianos notable features. These included increasing the piano’s note bass from 17 to 20, providing the piano with a laminated case of multiple layers, improved tension in the strings and a Pedal lyre with a more becoming design.

Over the years, this piano has to a great extent maintained these features and until today had only undergone two remarkable improvements in its design.

The standard Steinway D-274 measures 274cm in length and has a breadth of 156cm, weighting 480kg (990 pounds).

The pristine quality of the Steinway piano has been maintained over the years through generations. When it comes to the Steinway D-274, it is known to have been produced in limited editions, and their differences had only been in the bodywork finishing and the color.

This Steinway D-274 makes up about 5 percent of the totality of the pianos produced by Steinway, which translates to 5,000 units out of Steinway’s overall approximate production count of 600,000 pianos, and this owes a lot to the peculiar quality of the model D’s.

steinway 451782

Steinway D-274 serial number 451728 – the only one such instrument in the world

One particularly unique and fascinating instrument is the Steinway D-274, serial number 451728, made in the year 1977. This particular piano bore the signature of both living Steinway brothers. The signatures can be easily perceived as a mark of certified authenticity and a testimony to its unmatched quality. Few pianos have been known to have been signed by one of the Steinways himself, not to mention being simultaneously signed by his brother too.

The D-274 no 452182 was sold to the legendary Amro music store in Memphis. Many great musicians have been known to patronize this store, and their list includes Stevie Wonder, Arthur Rubinstein, Herbie Hancock, Elvis Presley and a lot of other renowned musicians.

steinway 451782

Initially used mainly by Memphis symphonic orchestra, Steinway D-274 serial number 451728 later exchanged hands several times and featured in numerous musical performances worldwide. 

This and other numerous performances during which this magnificent instrument has participated so far show much of the musical history has really been made on its keys. Is it indeed one of the Steinway’s finest creations and a real treasure for anyone how becomes lucky enough to be its owner.