Leszek Możdżer – Polish music star making his way to the international fame

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Leszek Mozdzer is a polish pianist distinguished for his ceaseless work to make jazz music scene thrive in Poland, which he became extremely successful at. He is known to be a cultured, disciplined and seasoned musician. Leszek won numerous musical and cultural awards. These include Melomani awards, Jazz Oscars and Jazz Forum Award to mention a few. He belonged to musical band Emil Kowalski which he himself initiated. Mozdzer plays mainly the piano, on top of that being a successful song writer and a producer.


“I consider him to be the greatest talent among Polish

 jazz pianists of recent years”

Zbigniew Preisner


Leszek Mozdzer was born in Poland on the 23rd march 1971. He is a pianist, music producer and film music composer. Mozdzer was encouraged by his parents at his early stage of life (5 years) to start practicing piano. A tutor and a standard piano was provided for him to aid his piano training. He was later admitted into Stanislaw Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdansk from which he graduated in the year 1996. Mozdzer later formed his first jazz band. His career took a full turn towards being a renown jazz player when he joined Milosc band later in 1991. The next year marked the starting point of successes for Mozdzer as a jazz pianist. He won his first award during the International Jazz Competition Jazz Juniors which was then held in Cracow.

His commitment to jazz music was rewarded with recognitions and various awards and accolades. Mozdzer was named the most promising musician and the Best Jazz Pianist in the year 1993 and 1994. He was then honored as The Musician of the Year on various occasions during his career life.

Mozdzer was also deeply involved in theater music. Some of his notable works in this area include Hair Love, Rock Musical for the Musical Theater in Gdynia, Tango z Lady M. (also called Tango with Lady M.) done at the Polish Dance Theater in Poznan as well as Psychosis staged in Dusseldorf, Germany in the year 2002. He wrote a trans opera named A Midsummer Night’s Dream staged by Wojciech Koscielniak at the Musical Theater in Gdynia which had its premiere in October 2001.

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Leszek Mozdzer’s musical career thrived thanks to his dynamism and improvisation which helped him a lot in his compositions and creativity. He is very flexible in his expression of music and always comes up with a unique piece of music composition and stage performance. He was rewarded with best original soundtrack for the album Kaczmarek to Mozdzer (a collection of contemporary film music) in the year 2011. Leszek Mozdzer has never been a lone cowboy. In fact he was always respected as a great team player, winning him the spectacular opportunities to work hand in hand with numerous notable musicians. He produced various music recordings with some of most renown legends of Polish music including Zbigniew Preisner and Jan Kaczmarek. Mozdzer also performed live with numerous Poland based musicians such Tomasz Stanko, Janusz Muniak, Michal Urbaniak, Anna Maria Jopek, Adam Pieronczyk and Piotr Wojtasik. He also collaborated with internationally famous artists such as David Friesen, Pat Metheny, Buster Williams, Billy Harper, Archi Shepp, David Liebman, Charles Fox, Eddie Daniels and others.

Leszek Mozdzer also worked as Artistic director of his home based festival done annually in Poznan on the lake of Strzeszynski shoreline called Enter Music Festival. In 2011, Leszek Mozdzer – Komeda album was released by the German popular record label, the ACT. The album contains collection of songs composed by Krzysztof Komeda, a widely acclaimed film music composer.

Notable albums:

  • Chopin – Impressions – 1994
  • The Time – 2005
  • Between Us and The Light – 2006
  • Pasodoble – 2007

Selected theater music scores:

  • Hair – love, rock musicalMusical Theater in Gdynia
  • Tango with Lady M.Polish Theater of Dance in Poznan
  • A midsummer Night’s DreamMusical theater in Gdynia