Bluthner Model 11 – the definition of pure excellence?

bluthner model 11

Bluthner pianos have been in production in Leipzig, Germany since 18th November 1853 when the Bluthner Company was established.

Founded by Julius Blüthner, the Blüthner Company has always strived towards manufacturing the world’s best pianos.

The first ever Bluthner piano was made by Julius Bluthner and three other artisans who assisted him in the production. Julius would often come to work two full hours ahead of his assistants and would stay late in the workshop after work throughout the duration they worked on the piano.

In its very first year in production, the Bluthner Company produced a total of ten instruments; two square and eight grand pianos.

His hard work and commitment paid off eventually, and his piano gained widespread recognition from the audience on his first ever exhibition.

bluthner model 11

The Bluthner pianos have an excellent singing tone which has come to be known all over the world as ‘The Golden Tone.’  Meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials, the Bluthner pianos are known for attention to details employed through all the stages of its production.

Bluthner takes special attention both in the materials and construction of the structures of both the rim and the bracing. They have the inner rims of all their pianos crafted in individual sections before being held together with special box joints to nullify unwanted tension. This boosts its resonance and becomes the foundation for the renowned Blüthner soundboard.

The soundboard is the Bluthner pianos’ soul. With a unique design that features spruce of an even grain structure, it is crafted to bear unrestricted vibrations when put under stress.

The iron frames are fabricated from a process known as the wet sand cast ion method; it is then filed and hand-milled before being sealed. This protects the iron frame from rust.

The keys mechanism is one crafted with so much precision that makes the tonal modulation exceptionally sensitive. The Bluthner keybeds are so designed that they allow for air circulation. This ensures a stable climatic condition which neutralizes all possible tonal vibrations.

bluthner model 11

The hammers, strings, back posts, and ribs are also crafted with the utmost precision to deliver a wholesome piano with the signature Bluthner tone.

The Bluthner Model 11 happens to be the smallest of the Bluthner’s grand pianos. It has a length measurement of 5’1″ (190 cm), its width dimension is 59.8″ (152 cm) and weighs 620 lbs (280 kg).

However, it has a skillfully constructed wide-tail frame design and a unique soundboard setting which gives it the look of a much larger piano.

Musicians who have been known to have made the Bluthner choice include Arthur Rubinstein, Ignaz Moscheles, Conrad Ansorge, Moritz Rosenthal, Wilhelm Kempff, Julian V. Karolyi, and so many others.

This is not surprising then why composers and musician who have been drawn to the magic of the Bluthner pianos refer to their products as ‘the poet among the pianos.’

For those who want an ideal grand piano in their homes and are skeptical because of the space restraints, the Bluthner Model 11is the perfect answer to the dilemma. It can certainly fit into the least corner and yet provide the fullness of elegance and satisfactory richness of the standard grand piano.