Arthur Rubinstein – one of the grandest piano virtuosos of our times

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Arthur Rubinstein was one of the notable musicians (a pianist precisely) in the twentieth century, with so many recognitions he received for his live performance and recordings. He was even considered to be the frontier of those that made music flourish in Spain during his time. He performed with great notable figures in music, the likes of Mozart and the host of others. He wrote so many music pieces, composed songs and hosted many stage performances to which he received accolades internationally for all these. Arthur lived a fulfilling life in music where he was able to express his greatest expression to the fullest till his death in the year 1982.

Early Life

Arthur Rubinstein was born on 28th January 1887 in Lodz, Poland to the family of Isaak Rubinstein and Felicia Blima Fajga. As the 7th child of the family, he lived in the comfort of his family with his father running a textile factory in town which happened to be a lucrative business. Therefore, he lived a comfortable life in his early stage of life. At around age 3, his faltering interest was so glaring to the extent of refusing to play violin as imposed on him by his father but instead he developed interest in the piano. His first piano performance was in Berlin in 14th December 1894 where he attracted the attention of Joseph Joachim (a Hungarian violinist). Impressed with Arthur’s performance and perceiving the potential of the young child, took it on himself to mentor young Arthur in his musical career. So, he was left under the care of Joachim henceforth and that marked the last day Arthur ever lived with his family.

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Music Career

His first tutor ever was Heinrich who to large extent shaped his musical career to what Rubinstein himself later confessed to be a success. His first debut was his first professional performance at the age of 13 at Berlin Beethoven Saal. In quest to further his study in music, he moved to Paris in France in the year 1904. It was in Paris that he got his first contract signing by Maurice Ravel and Saint-Saens. A major set back happen to him in the middle of 1906 when he was criticized that his playing style was not professional enough and immature. He went back to Paris with a heartbreak and was unable to perform publicly not until four (4) years after. His decision not to perform publicly came with its repercussions; He went broke, depression set in which make him to attempt suicide. With the help of friends and encouragement from his lovers, he got back to public performance in the year 1910 with a concert in Berlin. He was well received and this gave him more courage to continue with his music career. He continued his performances till the out break of world war I.

His pace reduced a little as he had to combine the work as interpreter (because he was well vast in eight different languages) with his music career. His career went back to it full bloom in 1914 in Spain as he was received with so much enthusiasm and warmth by his Spanish audiences. They so much loved his music style and dynamism that he became well established there. He had his tour around in Spain with a lot of successful performances. This made him to be back on his feet financially and emotionally. Rubinstein was gifted with the extraordinary skill to memorize a complicated music piece just listening once. He was able to memorize and learn so many music pieces which in return help him in applying dynamics to his music style. He had more time for practice after he moved back to France, practicing not less than twelve hours a day. This further boosted his playing skills.

Another set-back in his career was in the 1969 when he was diagnosed with a Macular disorder, but Rubinstein was determined not to weigh down. He continued with his public performances and also some charity performance. His career pursuit ends 1976 due to blindness.

Rubenstein after 75 years of successful public performance died a natural death on the 20th December 1982 in Geneva, Switzerland.