About Us

Our website is a platform is for all those aspiring writers that love music, want to spread the love and educate people about life with music. No matter if you love classical, jazz music or blues, you know something about those rare musical instruments that are a mystery to the world or perhaps something about famous personalities who spent their lives in music. Well, this is your place — an independent media outlet to put your music knowledge to work.

How we started, is an exciting story. A bunch of music lovers, hanging in a basement, collecting and putting together pieces of papers to save musical history, sharing our knowledge. Then it struck us – why not start a proper channel? A place that is solely dedicated to music where we can share our passion and spread and educate people about the magical world of music where journalists can pour their knowledge about everything music from oldest to latest industry information whether its music genres, instruments, history or life of famous artists. Thus, Quick Music came in to being.

Quick Music was established in Boston, Massachusetts back in 2016. Our mission was and is to provide a place where the music journalists could come up with the inspirational pieces regarding music, latest quality news form the music industry, to offer inspirations to develop your career in industry and of course, the magic of music itself. Our venue also guides newcomers in the music world and features emerging artists from across the globe. Quick Music caters to the imagination with an aim to create individuality and impact.

Our website is also a source of music and industry analysis for thousands of readers globally including personalities from the different segments of the music industry to the general people to the inspiring artists and writers. Our content caters to a variety of audience, topics, and news. We keep our audience updated with latest in music news and song debuts, Stories from the road, upcoming shows, review of a recent one, the collection of interviews, new album reviews, rankings, music video premieres. Our content also features songwriting process, offer background information on artists and songs, description of the sound or concept for the videos and history of different music genres. Our content is original and timely and offers exclusive access to our readers. We are simply your house of music.